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Algunos de los últimos trabajos de Nendo

Posted in DISEÑO by Pasajes Diseño on octubre 27, 2009

Éstas son dos de las novedades de este prolífico diseñador japonés que no para de trabajar tanto para grandes marcas internacionales como para proyectos expositivos. Así que ya podemos disfrutar de una nueva versión de las agendas Moleskine, realizada en exclusiva para la muestra Detour en la que junto con artistas, directores de cine o arquitectos, ha personalizado los conocidos cuadernos inspirándose en sus viajes por el mundo. También, se ha encargado del diseño de estos ambientadores, Air freshner products, para S.T. Corporation. Unos objetos que perfuman el ambiente con diferentes fragancias, sonidos y colores (una gama cromática que sólo aparece en el envase para distinguir el tipo de fragancia que compras).
Fotografías de Masayuki Hayashi.
Más información de Nendo / Here’s some more information from Nendo:

Nendo will join the exhibition Detour by MOLESKINE in Tokyo during DesignTide.
Moleskine Detour exhibition:
Detour is a Moleskine project dedicated to culture and creativity worldwide that features internationally recognized artists, architects, film directors, graphic designers, illustrators, and writers. Detour is a small piece of the Moleskine journey, where interlacing stories merge. The travelling group show Detour, curated by Raffaella Guidobono, invites authors to compile and illustrate Moleskine notebooks with experienced knowledge insider tips for adventure hungry nomads. All of them deliver an intimate insight into the artists’ creative process.
Nendo’s design concept:
Regardless of the product, we begin each project with one sketch, then move immediately into three-dimensional prototyping and testing. We can go back to that first sketch if we start to get lost along the way, giving us a built-in corrective mechanism. The longer we spend on the project, the more we go back and forth. Sometimes, the sketch starts to feel like a comfortable “place” to which we can return, or from which we can work. By cutting the pages of the sketchbook to create a three-dimensional landscape, we wanted to show the way that sketches function in the space between two and three dimensions, and to present the sketchbook itself as a “place”.
Place: MoMA Design Store
Address: 5-10-1 Gyre building 3F  Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo
Schedule: 16th Oct. 2009 – 4th Nov. 2009

Nendo designed Air freshener products for a Japanese comapany, S.T. Corporation.
We redesigned a brand of electronic deodorizing and fragrance products whose lineup consists of the Shupatto deodorizing plug, a battery-operated device that regularly sprays deodorizing mist, and a wall-plug model that runs on electric current. The Shupatto plug emits light and sound alongside its fragrance. Since this multisensory experience is one of the product’s hallmarks, we wanted to make the plug feel more familiar, so that it could be incorporated into daily life rather than being hidden away in a corner of the room.
The manufacturer’s request was to leave the plug’s base and inner structure as is. We were able to make the plug 25% smaller by removing unnecessary parts, and relocating others. This allowed the manufacturer to reduce manufacturing costs and the price for consumers. We combined the release button and operating light into a single piece, and added a piece of removable tape that users simply pull away on first use, rather than inserting batteries. In addition to these simple but major improvements for user experience, subtle modifications like hiding the screws and joins in the casing increased the plug’s visual identification with a classic bar of soap, so that the plug feels even more like a natural part of a room. We redesigned the wall-plug version to coordinate even more closely with its electronic cousin, to strengthen and consolidate the overall brand image.
The iconic design of the packaging and store display design give consumers a direct sense of the products’ functionality and fragrance. We used colour to differentiate between the brand’s different products, increasing brand visibility on the shelf and guiding customers to find the right refills for each product upon return visits.

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  1. merendola said, on octubre 27, 2009 at 10:40 am

    La moleskine es preciosa.
    Nendo, queremos un hijo tuyo!


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