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Camper y Tokujin Yoshioka

Posted in INTERIORES by Pasajes Diseño on octubre 30, 2009

00-Camper together
Tokujin Yoshioka se ha encargado del diseño de una de las nuevas tiendas de Camper, la que se sitúa en Regent street en Londres. Basada en su silla Bouquet y en una de las instalaciones que el japonés realizó en 2007 en Nueva York para la marca de calzado española. Un espacio lleno de flores y con el color rojo, imagen de Camper, como elemento principal.
Imagen de Koji Fujii (Nacasa & Partners Inc).

01-Camper together
Detalle de la silla Bouquet y del acabado para la pared junto al boceto de la idea original.

02-Camper together
Zona expositiva de zapatos.

03-Camper together
Imagen de la izquierda de Koji Fujii (Nacasa & Partners Inc).
Imagen de la derecha de Alessandro Paderni.
Más información de Tokujin Yoshioka Design / Here’s some more information from Tokujin Yoshioka Design:

Camper to&ether
Elements existing in nature such as plants and flowers always please us with their ever-changing expression. The idea for this new store, which incorporates such beautiful and miraculous principles of nature, is derived from the installation presented in New York in 2007, where approximately 30,000 sheets of tissues were covered in the entire space and created the reminiscent of snowscape.
On designing the new store concept for Camper, the Spanish leading shoe brand, I pondered on creating a new value by embracing Camper’s brand identity and the originality of my design as Camper has collaborated a number of projects with distinctive international creators until now. The red flower blossoms with an emphasis on the corporate color are in full bloom in the store. The store shares the similar world-view of the Bouquet Chair and brings elation to the viewers. It expresses the nature of tissue installation on more permanent basis.

Design theory
Until now, I have not talked much about design. One of the reasons is that I am not good at speaking. The main reason is, however, I do not think I can express my design in words. My design is more eloquent than words: Once it is worded, I fear that the image disappears. Because it is beyond one’s understanding, monodukuri is mysterious and beautiful. For me, design is not making but creating.
Design is not to be described in words but it should tell a story. When it becomes to tell the story, the meaning will become clear of itself. Design is free. There is no rule how design should be. It is impossible to define what the ultimate is. Intrinsically, there is no ultimate because design is always changing. Design is what we feel. That is why I enjoy it.
When seeing my design, people think that I am using new materials or new technologies. However, it is not true. Maybe I just find hidden beauty in things, which others have not noticed before me.
To know the intrinsic beauty of materials: I like a paper when it is crumpled. I also find beauty in torn papers.
We might be able to understand the beauty of things only when we stop thinking with own head. The unexpected, accidental happening is the most wonderful thing. What we can accomplish with deliberation might be only a fraction of what one can do.
If possible, I do not want to make a form.
I think my design is just like a fluid and beautiful dress drape, which combines the smoothness and contingency at the same time. I believe that there is something that we cannot express only with CGs or drawings; design that appears as we feel, not as we think. It reminds me of the breathtaking scenery of clouds which I see from a window of an airplane.
What is poetic? – The beauty that is leaded by phenomenon. The scenery is ever changing its appearance and property. I feel life from it: There I can find the beauty of the all God’s creatures. Snow crystal is more beautiful than any other designs. It strongly touches my heart. I wish I could carry cloud home. Mother nature is the most wondrous and fascinating design that exists in the world of this universe. I do not want to make a form perhaps because I became to realize the enchantment of nature.
Light and air; even we know and talk a lot about them, there is no substitute for an experience. My design is completed by remembrance of beauty, which is evoked by our experience and something that is asleep in our mind.
Well painted picture does not always touch people’s heart because the energy comes from somewhere completely different. What we need is a brand new emotion. From great pleasure to daily trivial happiness, it is feeling that completes design. I am not making a thing but I am realizing the energy that emotion has.
Sometime it is said that design is not art. For some people, I think art is quite attractive, but simultaneously, art is also the most frightening thing. People often ask me the difference between art and design. Through the ages, people listen to music and enjoy art while design had not existed there. Why people listen to music. Perhaps we can find an answer here.
Mind is never enriched only by simplicity and usability. We need music that resonates with us, smiting movies, uncontrollable love, the beauty of law of nature.
Where does your idea come from? That is the question I want to ask myself. I am really thankful for the ideas, which spring out from the fountain of inspiration. I am always looking for and setting forth a new goal.
I think it is fortunate to always have both aims and things I want to create. The idea matures in the course of daily lives; big tasks and challenges are the first step forward to see a ray of light in various experiments and failures and miraculous result is finally produced in the end. That is the moment when an angel appears and smiles upon me. “The fortuity only turns up only to those who are ready to embrace it.” – Henri Poincare
Sushi is not only about slicing fishes and shaping in one’s hand. Rather it begins with selecting ingredients carefully, that is, studying the universe of seafood and the sea, and one eats sushi. Then sushi is completed as a cuisine for the first time. The finest tofu is so rich without soy source.
My design has never existed before, but for some reason, they are well integrated with our everyday lives and remain. In my design, the shape of the lighting fixture disappears. Only the light itself emerges. For a chair, I might be trying to design just the sense of seating. I cannot ask for anything more than a chair, which realized the comfort in seating and the sense of sitter’s floating in the air released from the gravity.
The phenomenon and the feeling may be all that is needed so are things not recognized visually. I am not a designer of shapes. The ultimate design is a thing without a form. Light is all we need for a lighting fixture. A good lighting fixture is close to a bare light bulb or the light itself.
I design time, air, and light. Perhaps I want to create an aura of mystery, which could somehow change the entire air around us.
I have started wondering for what purpose I was sent to this universe. I listen to my emotions. A strange elated feeling beyond unconsciousness. Design is poetry and it conveys joy to people. Humans are emotional creatures. The soul-stirring music. The fragrance, which reminds one of his lover’s perfume. They have no shape but they reach people’s heart. Within my own lifetime, when I take a step toward the future, I want to create things. I want to spend the rest of my life designing things, which will touch more people. So I continue my design.
A single design can make one’s life change magically and bring happiness to the people around the world.
Design fills the possibility of our lives with new hopes. Design has dreams. That is why it is so wonderful.

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