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Seating for eating: la nueva familia de muebles de Studioilse

Posted in DISEÑO, London Design Festival 09 by Pasajes Diseño on noviembre 2, 2009

441 Stool
En esta edición del London Festival Design De La Espada ha producido piezas de cuatro grandes diseñadores: Autoban, Leif.designpark, Matthew Hilton y Studioilse. Estos últimos han desarrollado una serie de muebles pensados para reunir a la familia y amigos a su alrededor y compartir buenos momentos comiendo. Una colección formada por dos taburetes y cuatro bancos (dos de ellos con grandes respaldos de listones) realizados en madera de castaño y pies de cobre. En esta ocasión, la firma presume de haber llevado a cabo una fabricación comprometida con el medio ambiente a la hora de seleccionar las maderas y al aplicar métodos artesanales.

441 Stool_02
Dos versiones de los taburetes que componen la nueva colección.

446 Settle
Imagen completa de uno de los dos modelos de Settle y detalle del otro (con cojín de piel).

442 Low Bench
A la izquierda, Low Bench y a la derecha, Bench. Ambos bancos diseñados en madera de castaño y pies de cobre.
Más información de Studioilse / Here’s some more information from Studioilse:

A Family of seating for eating. Studioilse furniture
‘Seating for Eating’, a new range of wooden furniture, designed by Studioilse will be launched during London Design Festival, at Leila’s shop, 17 Calvert Avenue, E2, where it can be sat on from 23rd September until 1st November. The range will also be exhibited at the nearby A Foundation, where a sales team will be on hand.
The designs are reassuringly familiar but carefully detailed. Each piece is handcrafted by De La Espada in solid chestnut, specially chosen with knots, and has copper feet. They are available in natural oiled wood, or painted classic white in an eggshell finish, with the option of a thick felt pad, or slimline natural leather pad, secured by a discrete leather band.
Our furniture brings people together. Our initial gathering, comprises two settles, three benches and two stool: furniture that you can sit on together, but that still leaves room for the individual.
Inspired by English vernacular furniture, the settle is high backed for comfort and privacy, without being closed off from the room. It’s open and intimate at the same time, with wraparound arms that give a feeling of warmth.
The furniture is made in collaboration with De La Espada. Studioilse’s designs are supported by their manufacturing experience, each piece expertly handcrafted in their factory in Portugal using solid wood from sustainable sources. The furniture benefits from the complementary expertise, reflecting a shared belief in the integrity of natural materials, high quality craftsmanship and the beauty of products that form a personal relationship with the user.
‘We believe materials have hidden messages. These create a powerful link to our emotional psyches and shape our connection to daily life. We relish the warm and the synergy of the heart and head, and create places to live and love, eat and sleep, work and play’. Ilse Crawford.

More on Studioilse
Studioilse is a design consultancy based in London, headed by Ilse Crawford, which crosses the worlds of brand creation, interior architecture and product design. Past projects include seminal hotels and restaurants: Soho House Group, Inn brand, charismatic retail; Aesop and innovative well being brand; Cowshed and award winning product design; Wastberg lighting. ‘Crawford doesn’t have a signature style, but rather a signature feeling: emotional and deeply rooted to the place’, New York Times.

More on De La Espada
A leading designer/manufacturer of modern furniture founded in 1993. De La Espada’s dedicated factory in Portugal specialises in hand crafting and traditional construction methods to create furniture with timeless appeal and the warmth of solid wood. De La Espada collaborates with acclaimed international designers; each designer maintains creative control, while De La Espada realises their designs through premium materials and expert craftsmanship.


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